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How to make the most out of further training courses

Melissa Albarran
Feb 1, 2021 3:50:10 PM

Further training can be a great thing for your yoga business, if used wisely.

What’s not so wise? Accumulating training hours just for the sake of it, hopping from course to course without really digesting the information, and undertaking further training that has no bearing on your yoga teaching. 

So, wise up! 

To learn how to make the most out of further training courses, read on...

Choose Your Speciality 

Choose further training or specialist courses that help you to establish a niche. Expanding your knowledge in a particular area will really help you to hone in on certain skills and develop a specialism. By growing your expertise in one key field, you are better able to market yourself, stand out from the crowd and connect with your ideal clients. 

Invest in your future

Further training courses don’t come cheap. It's crucial you make the most out of each training and treat it as a business investment! 

As you grow your knowledge and skill-set, your “value” as a yoga teacher also increases. After all, you have more expertise to offer! It’s important to reflect the cost of your further training when charging for your classes. Specialist knowledge requires specialist prices.

Think bigger!

Take on courses that both improve your yoga and business skills. There are so many courses available nowadays, from education on inclusivity to understanding the diaphragm. Running classes is only one part (albeit a big one!) of being a yoga teacher; a sound understanding of marketing, accounts and business management will take your teaching to the next level.

Take inspiration from your teachers

Take courses led by trainers who inspire you and make you want to do better. How do they lead a class? What makes their teaching work? How did they get to where they are? Choose trainers who have the right expertise, with years in the business. These individuals know how to get the most out of training - and out of you. Study under the best so that you too can one day hold outstanding training courses. 

Before enrolling in a further training course ask yourself…

What skills will I gain from this course?

Will this course help me develop my yoga career?

What experience does the teacher have that can help me?

Why am I taking this course?

How will this course improve my yoga business?

Of course, the best thing you can do is to “try before you buy”. This way you get a feel for the course. Check out our YAPTA taster courses here. 

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