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Create a winning strategy to grow your business in the New Year

Melissa Albarran
Dec 22, 2020 2:46:34 PM

We know that January is when people start to make resolutions, invest in their wellbeing and plan for the year ahead. For yoga teachers, this is the ideal time to launch new products or services that will help their students to reach their goals. 


When the New Year hits, most people will look to take on new challenges and try out something different. This is the time to go beyond your standard classes to offer your students exceptional, personalised courses. 

This could mean creating a new course or online workshop that give attendees exclusive, specialist tips or advice that they will not find in a normal class. Whatever it is, it should offer your students more, so that it is worth investing in. 

Of course, you want to get your course or event in the eyes of your students. And you want to do this seamlessly, so it doesn’t feel like you’re pressuring them. The trick is to gradually guide your existing customers toward your courses. 

Your Content Goes a Long Way 

The trick is to share short, useful tidbits of advice that leave your students wanting more (which they can access by signing up for your new virtual course or workshop).

Nowadays, everything is fast. You need to grab your customer’s attention quickly. Short blogs, 2-minute videos, soundbites and downloadable guides are all effective ways to share a nugget of information that will spark interest in your course, event or service. 

And of course, each piece of epic content should lead your customers to said course or event. Whether its a podcast, video or blog post, include a clear call to action that sends consumers to the right page. 

How about introducing your new Mindfulness course in a blog post, or sharing the introduction of your Pranayama workshop in a recorded breathe tutorial? 

At a time when practitioners are willing to invest in their health and wellbeing, use your expertise and knowledge to create an online course, service or product that is worth investing in the New Year.

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