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The No.1 Influence Over Students Signing Onto a TTC

Melissa Albarran
Oct 25, 2019 9:39:25 AM

Imagine you are looking to change your internet provider. What is the first thing you do? 

Having recently moved into a new flat, I found myself in this very position. With no wifi and little knowledge of broadband providers, I sought out my family, friends and online reviews for recommendations. 

The same process is involved in the majority of our purchasing decisions. Whether it be a new gym, restaurant, or laptop, we rely heavily on the opinions of others to influence where we invest. The same goes for registering onto a Yoga Teacher Training Course. 

For a well-known trainer, this psychology works perfectly in their favour. However, smaller yoga schools, without an established profile, can struggle to share course reviews with the wider public. 


Your students love the training, but you’re still struggling to fill out the course?


Yoga Alliance Professionals creates a public platform for yoga trainers to connect with new students. Every trainer profile has space for unlimited reviews, permitting anyone viewing your profile access to those all-important testimonials. 

We know customers doubt the validity of online reviews. This is why all trainer profiles have a list of past course graduates that the public can contact. Using the Private Message Board prospective students can chat to your previous students directly - It doesn’t get more authentic than that!

And, did you know? The more reviews your course has, the higher it appears on Google’s listings! 

Too often trainers with exceptional courses cannot reach new students because they do not have the necessary platform. Amidst classes, teacher training, personal practice, and life admin, there is limited time to be sharing reviews and building a strong online profile. 

At Yoga Alliance Professional we do this for you, leaving you time to work on what really matters: offering quality teacher training.

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