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4 Ways to level up your yoga teaching in the New Year

Melissa Albarran
Dec 15, 2021 2:45:50 PM

As the New Year approaches, you may well be thinking about your goals for the year ahead. 

January typically brings about renewed energy and ambitions, as many of us assess how to build on our achievements of the year before. 

If you are looking to develop your teaching and even grow your business for 2022, here are some recommendations for how you may go about it. 

Further Training Courses 

Continuous education is a must for any yoga teacher. If you are looking to advance your teaching skills and expand your offerings, further training is a good place to start. Undertaking a variety of yoga workshops and teacher events enhances your breadth of knowledge to teach confidently and effectively. The decision to invest in your professional development will ultimately prove rewarding, instilling you with the tools to lead a range of sessions and deliver more to your students. 

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High-Value Yoga Events

Add to your repertoire by hosting “higher value” events such as yoga workshops, retreats or even training courses, which both cost and deliver more than your average class. 

Such events take your students’ practice to a new level by delving deeper into a particular sequence, yoga style or topic. Equally, you have the opportunity to develop a new skill set, take on new challenges and subsequently increase your business potential. 

What’s more, holding workshops and retreats provide new income opportunities which tend to be more profitable than your standard yoga class. 

Read this blog on what it means to add more for your students 


While setting yourself new targets and ambitions, do not neglect your existing clients. Instead, consider the ways you can add more value to your students, whether that’s by offering class handouts, providing extra sessions once a month, or creating a Facebook community group. Going above and beyond for your students is the best way to increase customer retention and gain new practitioners through positive word of mouth! 

As you plan for the New Year, consider first how you can add to your current offerings and give more to your clients to ensure they keep coming back (and even bring some friends).

Stay informed 

If you are in need of some inspiration, look to your peers! Networking with fellow teachers and attending yoga events or webinars informs your thinking and stimulates fresh ideas for your own teaching. 

It’s worthwhile engaging with your yoga community by joining yoga Facebook groups and keeping an eye on recurring discussions. Doing so enables you to stay abreast of relevant issues in the yoga world, which in turn influences your yoga classes and teaching.

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