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Yoga accreditation badges: Everything you need to know

Accreditation for yoga teachers is a means to demonstrate that the professional in question has met minimum quality standards for teaching.

But did you know that not all accreditations are equal? Some professional bodies require less than others to become certified members, whereas others, like Yoga Alliance Professionals, ask significantly more of their teachers to become accredited. 

So what does this mean for you?

High Standards 

Firstly, being certified by Yoga Alliance Professionals shows that the yoga teacher training you completed has passed or exceeded rigorous criteria for yoga teaching. 

In our case, these criteria are significantly higher than other certification bodies to ensure that the course is of the highest quality, and you the teacher, have a thorough yoga training. 

Simply put, Yoga Alliance Professionals' badge distinguishes you as an adept professional with sound training and knowledge who stands above the rest.

Public Perception 

The average attention span is just 8 seconds, so you need to be able to showcase your expertise and credentials - fast.

Being registered with Yoga Alliance Professionals, and having the badge to show for it, illustrates that you have the adequate training and qualifications to teach yoga. 

Recognised by the public as an indicator of quality, our accreditation badges increase consumer trust in your ability and skills as a yoga teacher. The result? Increased rates of employability and a loyal client base. 

Commitment to Quality 

When choosing an accredited course with Yoga Alliance Professionals you are choosing experience, knowledge and excellence, all of which typically come at a higher price tag. 

Investing in your yoga teacher training and certification signals a commitment to teaching yoga safely and effectively, and upholding the standards of yoga teaching. 

Your membership badge is a marker of that commitment and intention to deliver the very best for your students. 


Teaching yoga can be a lonely job at times. As a member of Yoga Alliance Professionals, you play an important part in a community of dedicated yoga teachers. You can connect with fellow certified yoga teachers across the globe, and learn from one another by asking questions and offering advice. 

As a part of our network, you can also take advantage of Yoga Alliance Professionals’ resources, professional tools and learning materials to guide your teaching. Feel free to reach out to us for any questions or support. 

Get your membership badge HERE

Interested in learning more? Read about our Membership Benefits HERE

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