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What is yoga teacher accreditation?

Melissa Albarran
Nov 21, 2019 3:07:57 PM

In the yoga profession, accreditation refers to the process of certifying the credibility and competency of a yoga teacher. 

Yoga is an unregulated industry. What this means is that there is no legal governing body regulating the standards, conditions and conduct of yoga professionals. On the one hand, to “police” yoga would be to dilute the essence of what is deemed a spiritual practice by many. On the other, the absence of a governing body has resulted in an overabundance of unqualified, undertrained individuals practising as yoga teachers.

To limit the potential risk posed by such untrained yoga teachers, organisations such as Yoga Alliance Professionals have proposed a set of minimum standards that yoga teachers should meet as a means to demonstrate their qualifications and experience.

Read more about our standards 

Certification from an accreditation body thereby serves to distinguish those who have invested in their training in order to obtain the necessary qualifications, from the undertrained individuals who are contributing to the 29,590 yoga-related injuries between 2001-2014.

Yoga teachers can apply for accreditation with Yoga Alliance Professionals providing they have undertaken an in-person teacher training course of at least 200 hours in length. Each training should be conducted by a Senior Yoga Teacher, with a minimum of 8 years and 4000 hours teaching experience under their belt. It is these requirements that ensures the course graduates are of a high calibre. Indeed, reports have found lesser standards of assessment offered by "1 alliance standard, do not prepare instructors well to prevent injury".

Our globally-recognised certification highlights our members’ unique skill-set, knowledge and commitment to teaching quality yoga.

Yoga Alliance Professionals has launched a public campaign to raise awareness for yoga teacher standards. By promoting transparency in our member's training, specialisms, knowledge and expertise, we encourage practitioners to make an informed decision over who they study with. 

Interested to see if your teacher training meets the minimum standards?

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