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What is yoga teacher accreditation?

Updated 20/07/23

In the yoga profession, accreditation refers to the process of certifying the credibility and competency of a yoga teacher.

Yoga operates within an unregulated industry, lacking a legal governing body to establish standards, conditions, and codes of conduct for yoga professionals. On one hand, regulating yoga could potentially dilute its spiritual essence, which holds great significance for many practitioners. On the other hand, the absence of regulation has led to an abundance of unqualified and undertrained individuals masquerading as yoga teachers.

To mitigate the risks associated with untrained instructors, organisations like Yoga Alliance Professionals propose a set of minimum standards for yoga teachers to demonstrate their qualifications and experience.

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Accreditation from a recognised body helps distinguish individuals who have invested in proper training and obtained the necessary qualifications from those who lack adequate preparation, potentially contributing to the 29,590 yoga-related injuries between 2001-2014.

Yoga teachers can seek accreditation with Yoga Alliance Professionals if they have completed an in-person teacher training course of at least 200 hours. These courses must be led by a Senior Yoga Teacher with a minimum of 8 years and 4000 hours of teaching experience. These requirements ensure that graduates receive high-quality training. In contrast, reports suggest that alternative standards, such as the "1 alliance standard, do not prepare instructors well to prevent injury".

Our globally recognized certification highlights the unique skills, knowledge, and dedication to quality yoga teaching exhibited by our members.

Yoga Alliance Professionals has launched a public campaign to raise awareness about yoga teacher standards. By promoting transparency in our members' training, specialties, knowledge, and expertise, we empower practitioners to make informed decisions about their choice of teachers.

Curious to know if your teacher training meets the minimum standards? Feel free to explore further.

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