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Yoga Teachers share their advice for running your first yoga class

Melissa Albarran
Aug 4, 2021 1:05:56 PM

Teaching your first class as a qualified yoga teacher can feel daunting. Despite the multiple practice classes delivered to patient friends and tolerant family members, when it comes to teaching without the security of the trainee status, it’s common for graduates to doubt themselves. 

So, to help you overcome those first day nerves and boost your confidence, we asked qualified yoga teachers to share their top tips for running that very first yoga class.

(Susan Church, Yoga and Pilates in Malaga) Smile, and greet your students as they enter, whether online or In person, it makes people comfortable...Remember your ONLY goal is that they should feel better when they leave than when they arrived, so don't get all complicated and set on a specific pose or sequence. 

(Vivien Tinkler) Breathe, believe in yourself and enjoy every moment 

(Victoria Sky, Tree Living Yoga) Trust in what you have learnt and have faith that you are where you are meant to be. 

(The Yoga Studio Carlisle) Know it’s okay if you mess up. Acknowledge it, take a deep breath and move on. 

(Karina Stewart Carmichael, Pink Lotus Yoga) Have fun...be confident...you know what you are doing so let your love of teaching shine. 

(Georgie Baba) Be upfront! thank them for being there and going through the explorative journey with you!

(Kerry Hodges) Keep it simple!

(Jacqui Gunnion, Jacqui Gunnion Yoga) Don’t try to impress - just be true to yourself. Remember that you are not going to be everyone’s cup of tea but if you are true to yourself then people will find you. 

(Karen Gargan) Be open and be prepared to adapt, not everyone is at the same level.

(Ace Pittapan) If you forget the prepared sequence, put everyone into childs pose to take some time to pause and think. 

(Vivien Duggan) Only teach what you know and remember to enjoy it, your ability and knowledge will begin to shine across and before you know it you'll all relax together and it'll work fine.

And from us here at Yoga Alliance Professionals, have a plan, trust in yourself, and go smash it! Best of luck with your first class!

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