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Is Teaching Yoga Online Saturated Already?

Louise Wallace
Apr 2, 2020 4:44:59 PM

Two months ago, none of us would have believed what we are seeing unfold in front of our eyes.

A global economic crash is happening right in front of us.  As industries are crumbling, can yoga businesses survive?

The world of yoga teaching has reacted quickly and the mass shift to teaching online has been remarkable.  

Numerous memes are doing the rounds…”Is anyone NOT doing online yoga yet?”

We all thought the world of yoga teaching was already saturated…so many studios, teachers at every turn, and now, it seems like overnight, everyone is offering online classes.


So, really is there enough room for all of us?

Well, yes actually there is…Being stuck inside is when the demons come out.  

Not only do we feel isolated and detached from our local communities, we are also being fed an inordinate amount of mis-information on mainstream and social media, that it is impossible to decipher what is true anymore.  

The ground is unsteady and if we are not careful, we could be on a slippery slope to doom.


Yogis Have The Answer

Yoga teachers have the special gift to share the yoga practices to help get the body moving, shift energy, observe and calm the mind…and perhaps most importantly of all…maintain strong communities.

Every person in the world should be encouraged to do yoga right now - that is an audience of billions.   As a teacher, that is clearly a little overwhelming…so how can your local teacher help in the midst of this chaos?


Reach Out to your Community

We are social creatures and even for the most introverted of us, this social distancing is a challenge.  Humans need to feel a sense of belonging. Yoga is a perfect solution to bringing local communities together…and we can do this seamlessly online.  This is the chance for yoga teachers to do their part to reach out and help thy fellow neighbour.  

If this global pandemic has shown us anything, it is how beautiful humanity can be.  This is far more contagious than a virus. A shift in conscious living can be long lasting…perhaps a more forgiving, humbling and generous society will emerge.  



What Are You Made Of?

Now is the time when we see what we are really made of.  How can we handle ourselves, our children and our neighbours in times of stress and worry.  I would implore you to reach out to your local yoga teacher to learn simple techniques to help.  If you are a yoga teacher - this is your chance to help people.  

There are more yoga teachers than ever right now, but assuming they have been well trained, is this such a bad thing?  The world needs yoga right now…we need to learn the tools to go inside ourselves and deal with the highly stressful emotions that are coming up.  To deal with the boredom, stress and lethargy that will be coming in waves to each of us. To reconnect with people who share our concerns and maybe even just live down the road from us.  Yes, yoga could well be the balm to the chaos.

Yoga teaching is not oversaturated, right now, it is needed.

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