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Balens Respond To Our  Classification Of Yoga

Melissa Albarran
Nov 19, 2020 1:26:18 PM

The classification of yoga under the UK government’s lockdown framework has proven to be a real sticking point. As yoga is not specified in official government documentation, it is difficult to assess whether yoga classes should follow the same guidelines as fitness classes, healthcare or educational activities. 

In response to members expressing concern for the lack of clarity regarding yoga’s official “classification”, we requested that Balens, our insurance provider, accepts an interpretation of yoga that encompasses healthcare, fitness activity and education. 

The response was as follows:

Members of Yoga Alliance Professionals who have taken out Balens insurance policy will be insured to teach yoga following the government guidelines for fitness classes, healthcare and education. 

Teachers should be aware it is their responsibility to evidence why they feel their practice falls under said category and complete a risk assessment to show they have considered and applied COVID-19 safe practices in line with government guidelines. 

If the policyholder is deemed to have broken the law, the indemnity provided by the insurance policy may well be affected. For further guidance, the policyholder should check with their local authority.

While Balens cannot offer exact details of how the policy will respond in case of a claim, moving practices online will ensure the client is compliant with any guidelines in place and insurance remains valid. Read more about the conditions for online classes here. 

The above relates to registered members who have taken out Balens insurance with Yoga Alliance Professionals. It does NOT apply to members that have insurance elsewhere, or have taken our Balens policy directly.

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