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How To Fill Your Yoga Workshops & Other Yoga Events

With the right tools and techniques, you will be able to fill all of your workshops quickly! In this blog, you'll learn how to identify an excellent topic for your students, choose a relevant title and how to promote the event.

Choosing A Topic

Choosing a topic for your event should be related to common problems your students face instead of a topic that you think is interesting. Consider if there are any questions your students commonly ask in your classes/current events. For example, if your students have difficulty with chaturanga, create a workshop on mastering this asana!

If you need help identifying any repeating patterns, you can always reach out to your students and ask them. 

Identifying A Title

Make sure your title is simple, catchy and relevant! It needs to hook your students in to get them to learn more details. Don't overcomplicate it; try to use words your audience will understand. 

For example, you have an event about pranayama targeted at practitioners. The main title may be Pranayama: Controlling The Breath. You can then go into slightly more detail in a sub-title.  

Create Something Visual

Visuals work better at promoting your event, so why not create a flyer? You don't necessarily hand out a physical flyer these days, but it's worth making one for online use. You can use something like Canva to do this with ease.

Tips for your flyer

  • Include the basic details
  • Make the outcomes/results known
  • Clarify who the event is for
  • Have a clear call to action and link to book on your event

Get In Front Of As Many People As Possible

Start promoting your events and showcasing your flyer on as many platforms as possible, including social media, email marketing, and on your site. 

Don't just send out one email and one social media post; you need to promote it constantly! Remember that various messages engage different people, so test your words and discover what works best. 

Remember, it takes 5-12 views before people make a purchase!

Tips for sending emails

  • Setting up an automation or calendar reminders will help you keep on top of multiple emails
  • Your subject line should be engaging and hook the user in
  • Test out different subject lines: ask a question, be ambiguous, include emojis etc.
  • Learn more about marketing emails in this blog.
  • Learn more about using your mailing list in an 'event launch formula' to drip feed information in this mentoring session.

Extra Tips

  • If your event is in-person, promote it four weeks before the start date. You must give people plenty of time to make arrangements to attend and book travel/accommodation if required.
  • Online events require less time for marketing. We recommend 10-14 days.
  • If you're targeting yoga teachers, consider getting the event approved by Yoga Alliance Professionals. We can promote your workshops and training to our 9,000+ teacher members! 
  • Will this be your first workshop? Watch this free mentoring session for more help!

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