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How To Become A Yoga Teacher

Have you found a passion in yoga and want to turn it into your profession? 

This blog article discusses what steps you need to take to become a yoga teacher. We'll also touch on what is expected of you once you graduate from a yoga training course!


Find a training course

With training courses costing £2,500 on average, you'll want to ensure that the training you attend will provide you with the skills necessary to become a successful teacher. 

How do you know that a course is right for you? This blog goes through some of the considerations to make. To give you an overview, you'll want to consider the following: location, topic, accreditation and intention.

We recommend you have at least two years of consistent yoga practice below your belt. A solid yoga practice will improve the training experience and make you a fantastic teacher!

You can also get us to match you to an accredited training course. Use our matching service here!

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Qualities/Skills of yoga teachers

There is more to being a yoga teacher than knowing the asana! Most yoga teachers are self-employed and do most of the work themselves. Just some of the additional skills you may need are:

You will need to know how to use a mobile phone and computer at the very least. If you plan on teaching online, you will need some knowledge on recording and uploading content.

Business and Marketing
If you don't plan on hiring assistance, then all the business and marketing will fall on you! We can help you with this, though; check out this YouTube playlist.
Customer Service

You need to answer any enquiries that your students send to you. It's up to you how your students contact you, but we recommend not sharing your personal phone number.


Set expectations

Some students go into teaching yoga with wild expectations! Let's touch on the typical life of a yoga teacher.


According to the UK Government, the average salary of yoga teachers is between £18,000 and £25,000 per year. The actual amount will depend on how many classes you teach, your region, your experience, and so much more!

Typical Tasks
    • Lesson plans
    • Guide students in classes
    • Provide students with feedback
    • Market your classes
    • Stay up to scratch on the latest information
    • Review what is working and what needs more attention
    • Complete tax return
Typical hours

As a yoga teacher, you must work around your student's schedules. There is no clear working pattern, and it will depend on when your classes are.

Other Considerations
  • Insurance
    It would be best if you had insurance to protect yourself and your students. If you plan to run classes from home, update your home insurance.
  • Background checks 
    If you work with kids/vulnerable people, then you may require a criminal record check.


Future progression

The learning doesn't stop after your initial training course! The key to success is continuous development. You can attend further training, specialist training, approved development workshops and find a mentor.

The Yoga Alliance Professionals career path is an excellent guide to keep progressing and staying motivated!

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