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So You Want To Become A Yoga Teacher...

Choosing to move from practitioner to yoga teacher is a big one! To develop such passion for something that you would like to make it a profession is exciting, albeit scary.

Before you go on a training course, there are various things you should consider. If you’re interested in finding out more about how to become a yoga teacher and why you should do a training course, then continue reading.

First Things To Consider

Something we get asked a lot is ‘can beginners attend a yoga teacher training course?’ And the answer is yes. However, we would not recommend this if you would like to become a teacher! The question should not be if a beginner can go on a training course, the real question is, are you ready?

A training course is very full-on, and you must have a well-rounded understanding of yoga. You should be familiar with asana and possibly even some anatomy. Teacher Training can be overwhelming if you don’t know or understand the necessary foundations before starting.

For this reason, we have set a 2-year personal practice prerequisite before trainees embark on a Teacher Training Course.

Other things to consider before searching for a training course:

  • Would you like training to be near your hometown, or abroad? 
  • Get to know the lead teacher, is there an opportunity to meet beforehand?
  • Is the course accredited? Is it necessary for you that it is? Learn more about what this means here!
  • What is your intention for the training course? Is it to deepen your knowledge, or to become a teacher? (This may change)
  • Are you looking for an intensive course or do you want a non-intensive? Learn the difference here! 

More To Consider


How To Become A Yoga Teacher In The UK and Ireland 

In reality, anyone can become a yoga teacher. Even if they have not completed a teacher training course. There are no laws or legal requirements when it comes to becoming a yoga teacher.

Of course, our recommendation is to do a Yoga Alliance Professionals accredited Foundation Teacher Training Course! The main things to look at are the syllabus, the contact hours, and how experienced the lead teacher is. Have a look at the criteria we have set to use as a baseline on your search!

Do you think you are ready to teach yoga? Watch our free webinar to check you are, and we’ll also help you find a training course!

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