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5 Men Share Why They Practice Yoga

November, or rather “Movember” is Men’s Health Awareness Month, a campaign that aims to bring attention to the health concerns faced by people who identify as male. Fundamentally Movember seeks to open up the discussion around male suicide, prostate cancer and testicular cancer. 

While we recognise that yoga isn’t a cure for these serious health conditions, we strongly believe that yoga has a part to play in managing symptoms, improving wellbeing and adding to the health of men worldwide. 

To celebrate this Movember, we spoke to 5 men about the benefits of yoga for their health. 

Sam Turner, Sam Turner Yoga 

“Yoga gives me a moment to pause. I learn more about my body and my mind with every minute spent on the mat. It feels great to rise from relaxation feeling refreshed and ready to handle whatever life throws at me.”


Richard Welch, Richard's Yoga 

“I started yoga for the physical benefits although I soon realised that the mental benefits far outweigh these. Through yoga, I have rewired my stress response, so, away from the mat, I am more 'together'. It's nice when people comment how calm I am, I never used to be, and I want to share this with people that are not aware of the power of yoga.”


Charles Pearson, Charles at Tribe Yoga 

“I love yoga because it helps me get to know myself better, both mentally and physically.  Too often we do not pay attention to and care for ourselves, but ignoring ourselves will only make us feel worse. How we feel, weaknesses, imbalances, blockages, injuries and more are illuminated through our yoga practice.  The yoga practices of breathwork, movement and meditation all come together as one to help make us stronger and more comfortable in our bodies and minds, enabling us to be better prepared to navigate and enjoy the world.”


Gerard Kielty, Balance Yoga 

‘I love yoga for how it makes me feel…awake!”


Zahir Akram, Akram Yoga 

“When I first started yoga it was just a physical discipline. I needed a place to stretch and bend and twist so that my body wouldn't be so achey all the time. After a while, my yoga just evolved. Through no real effort, it has changed from a purely physical practice to something much more. 

A huge reason for me doing yoga is still physical, but there is a "headspace" element to it that is hard to describe. It's very unique to each person. More often than not, I leave yoga with a sense of fulfilment. Physically and mentally. I can't replicate that same feeling with any other type of discipline.”

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