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Working Safely After Covid Restrictions End

Melissa Albarran
Jul 7, 2021 1:18:17 PM

From the 19th of July, regulations that place Covid-19 requirements on businesses in England will be lifted. 

To minimise risks to others moving forward, the Government has shared advisory guidance for businesses, and updated its "Working Safely" guidance to provide examples of sensible precautions that employers can take to reduce risk in their workplaces. 

Please see a summary of these recommendations as they apply to yoga classes below:

  • Carry out a health and safety risk assessment, including the risk of COVID-19, and take reasonable steps to mitigate the risks identified. 

  • Use an online service to process bookings before class.

  • Keep rooms well-ventilated where possible. This includes identifying poorly ventilated areas in the venue and taking steps to improve airflow.

  • Clean surfaces and equipment regularly. 

  • Provide soap and water or hand-sanitiser for students and staff to use regularly throughout the day. 

  • Wear a face covering in enclosed and crowded spaces.

  • Ensure that staff and customers who are unwell do not attend the workplace or venue.

  • Implement appropriate infection prevention and control processes.
  • Display a QR code to support the NHS Test and Trace system.

The NHS Covid Pass will be made available on the NHS app as a certification tool if businesses and other organisations choose to use certification on a voluntary basis. Businesses should continue to ensure that they comply with all relevant legal obligations and guidance in doing so.

The Government will continue to monitor the data on a regular basis to ensure there is no danger of the NHS facing unsustainable pressure.

For more government advice on working safely, please read the information presented here.

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