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Which Yoga Teacher Training Course is the best?

The boom in Yoga Teacher Training Courses is at an all-time high. Courses continue to emerge, each promising 100% success rates and a transformative life experience. For those aspiring yoga teachers, the immense variety of Teacher Training out there makes it incredibly difficult to decipher which course will give them the best qualification.

But how do you judge the quality of a course? What factors will transform a fresh-faced practitioner into a confident and purposeful yoga teacher?

The following is a list of the most important factors to consider when deciding upon a quality Teacher Training.

The qualifications and experience of the Senior Yoga Teacher.

“A student is only as good as their master” is an often-quoted phrase and one that applies to Yoga Teacher Training. It requires extensive training and knowledge to be able to train others in the art of teaching yoga, something that requires years of dedication and practice.

Yoga Alliance Professionals requires that all registered Training Courses are led by a Senior Yoga Teacher. They should have at least eight years and 4000 hours of teaching experience. We believe these are the minimum requirements for Senior Yoga Teachers to be able to pass on the skills and understanding of yoga teaching successfully.

Before signing up to a training course ensure you research the lead teacher’s qualifications and background. A Senior Yoga Teacher is at the very top of the career path, a status that comes with time and experience.

Pre and Post Care

Where possible, meet the lead teacher before you sign onto their course. It is highly advantageous for both parties to speak with one another and assess whether they are the right fit. Some will carry out “interviews” with potential students to evaluate whether they are ready for the training. Trainers registered with Yoga Alliance Professionals ask their students for a minimum of 2 years of personal practice before starting training. Ensuring they can perform asana to a high degree, so they don’t hold other students back.

As a student, it is recommendable you sign up to any classes, taster events and workshops run by the lead teacher to get an insight into their teaching style.

Likewise, a quality Training Course will offer their graduates on-going support. A 200-hour foundation course is just that, a foundation from which to learn more and progress as a yoga teacher. Look for a Teacher Training that offers mentoring, and hosts follow up sessions and advanced training courses to aid your professional development and provide support should any problems arise.

Course Accreditation

Accreditation demonstrates that the Training Course and its lead teacher has met the training requirements of an independent organisation.

Yoga Alliance Professionals is proud to have the highest standards (of any other accreditation organisations) for registered Teacher Training Courses. Our primary focus is on the teaching experience of the lead teacher and the hours they spend with their students to face to face. Replicating the Traditional Path of Yoga in which a student would commit to following the teachings of their teacher.

Other areas to consider: 

As with any business transaction, it is essential to see a copy of the Terms & Conditions (T&Cs) before signing up to a Yoga Teacher Training Course. All registered Trainers should have a copy of their T&Cs, including the cancellation and refund policy, readily available to those interested in the course.

It is worth checking out the course reviews of teacher training. Ideally, a Senior Yoga Teacher will be open to you getting in touch with previous graduates. If your Trainer is a member of Yoga Alliance Professionals, you will be able to find a list of those students that went on to register with Yoga Alliance Professionals on the Trainer profile. 


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