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3 common pitfalls to avoid for newly qualified yoga teachers

Congratulations! You have graduated from a Yoga Teacher Training Course! The hard work has paid off, and you are now a qualified yoga teacher. While every yoga teacher will have a unique teaching journey, there are some common pitfalls to watch out for. To prepare you for the next phase of your teaching career, we have shared some of the most frequently reported struggles new yoga teachers face and how to manage them should they arise.

You feel lonely

Whether you have completed an intensive teacher training or a course that spanned over twelve months, you have most likely become accustomed to a regular training routine. When you graduate, this structure - and the peers that accompanied you throughout - disappear, often creating a sense of loneliness.

This is relatively easy to overcome. After all, what are WhatsApp groups for if not to catch up with old course-mates? Moreover, there are many FB Groups for yoga teachers to foster a sense of community, ask advice and share information. You can also find online workshops and events on the Yoga Alliance Professionals website, allowing you to e-connect with fellow professionals.

You are losing your yoga knowledge!

Graduation day was a month ago and you haven’t picked up a yoga book since. Without an exam to work toward your yoga knowledge seems to be fading...fast. While this concern is generally unwarranted and is the natural effect of your studies coming to an end, it is true that the more you put off further training, the more difficult it is to progress in your teaching. As a yoga teacher, it is highly recommended you undertake additional training in order to solidify and advance your yoga knowledge. This includes attending workshops or further training courses, reading seminal yoga texts and going to different classes.

Continued education is crucial for yoga teachers. It is during these moments in which you revert to the role of student where most inspiration can be found, causing your teaching to develop. You will find the best way to overcome professional doubts is to commit to furthering your training as a yoga teacher.

Check out the FREE further training courses on the Yoga Alliance Professionals Training Academy here!

You cannot find new students

Building up a strong, reliable client base is a process that can take years. When students first graduate  they often do not have a huge profile with which to reach out to yoga studios. Even those graduates who do initially obtain a regular class may notice a fallout or “stagnancy” after the first few months. Without having established a name for yourself in the industry it becomes difficult to attract new clients and foster customer loyalty.

Being a member of Yoga Alliance Professionals automatically gives you this public profile, thus giving you a yoga presence. Our matching service connects individuals looking for private classes with members. 1-1 classes are ideal for building your confidence as a yoga teacher and creating long-term relationships. Likewise, this service is available for companies seeking out yoga teachers for corporate classes, enabling members to expand their customer reach.

Whether you experience all or none of the above, know that each yoga teacher will go through highs and lows. It is completely normal to feel a bit lost after your foundation teacher training, but now is the time to put your training to use and make the next step in your yoga career.

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