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Don't Sell Yourself Short

Why pay £3,000 for a yoga training course when you can pay £13?

These bargain basement training courses are big business.  They are cheap, accessible and a fast, sure way to ‘become’ a yoga teacher.

There tend to be two types of yoga teachers - those who take the easy route and those who take the right route.  The teachers who tend to go for the easy route will do exactly that - go for the most enjoyable ‘experience’ in their training course - perhaps travelling somewhere sunny for a courses which is not too taxing and this attitude tends to follow into their teaching, as they are often ill-prepared to teach.

Ask yourself what attracts you to teaching yoga?  Invariably somewhere in your answer will be because you love the practice.  Perhaps it changed your life in some way. The passion you feel has led you to follow the yogic life to some degree or another.

To be authentic to your truth!  This is a key message in the yoga teachings and why do anything in life unless it comes from a place of authentic truth?  People see through this instantly and the job you are doing ultimately becomes harder for you to deliver. In the end, you will fail.

If you invest in a quality foundation training, you are investing in yourself and your new career.  This is also a place to connect to like-minded people where you can start building your own community.

As you grow as a yoga teacher, you will need to build partnerships with studios, yoga teacher and other businesses.  This will help support your visibility as a yoga teacher and get you well known for your classes and the speciality you create as a teacher.

Once you are experienced enough, perhaps you will be in a strong position to start setting trends within your area of expertise.  This is what many Senior Yoga Teachers do and what makes them successful in their field.

If you complete a poor training course from the outset, you are setting yourself for a fall almost straight off the bat.

As a good teacher, its critical to seek out quality standards not just in the training you do but also in the integrity you hold and the partnerships you make.

Be the best by associating yourself with the best.  All of our teacher members have met a good minimum set of standards.  This is how they differentiate ourselves from poor quality teachers and this is why they succeed. 

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