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What Is Yoga Teacher Insurance?

Yoga Insurance is a hot topic among recent yoga teacher graduates. 

  • Who offers the best policy?
  • What does it cover?
  • How much does it cost?

As a yoga teacher, you can be held legally liable for loss or damage to a third party property.  You can also be held responsible for injury, other harm and financial loss alleged by students. Taking out insurance is a means of protecting yourself against such potential claims. Accidents can happen to the most cautious of us, so it is worthwhile making sure you have the appropriate insurance cover.  

Public liability insurance is the principle cover required by yoga teachers. It covers you against legal fees or compensation should a third party incur an injury or loss for which they deem you to be responsible. Should you face a lawsuit, public liability insurance will offer you financial protection. 

Often, yoga studios will require their staff to have full insurance, having cover in place can, therefore, increase your chances of employability. While some gyms do cover their employees under the business’ insurance policy, this may not offer the same protection as a personal policy would. 

It is also worth assessing the cost of your cover. While paying more does not guarantee the best protection, you should be wary of low-cost policies. Compare the details of different insurance providers and whether they protect you against all possible eventualities.

At Yoga Alliance Professionals, we work with Balens Ltd to provide a thorough policy that suits our members’ needs. Balens Ltd is a family run insurance broker, who specialises in providing plans for the Complementary Health Sector.

Our extensive cover provides public, professional and products liability, ensuring you have protection against a range of potential circumstances. What’s more, being a mobile policy enables you to teach in different locations. You can learn more about what our insurance covers here.

With over 21 years working with Health and Wellbeing Professionals, Balens have created what they believe to be the most comprehensive, yet reasonable, insurance cover available to yoga teachers. What’s more, they also offer members of Yoga Alliance Professionals discounted rates for any additional cover (such as corporate insurance, or further therapies insurance).

Although we hope you will never have to make use of your cover, unpredictable circumstances can put yourself and your business at risk. Having spent years working with yoga teachers, we understand what you need to run classes and workshops. Our exclusively designed policy offers you unrivalled protection for your therapeutic and consulting work, facilitating your teaching career.

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* Information accurate as of 1st December 2020

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