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What does it mean to be a 'professional' yoga teacher?

Firstly it’s all about having a mindset about yoga being a legitimate career rather than a part-time hobby. Say it aloud! ‘I am a professional yoga teacher’!

Secondly, authenticity is super important to most yoga teachers. But it’s the ones who stay fiercely dedicated to remaining true, while still striving to make things work financially, who succeed the most. Call it Karma, but those who remain true to who they are and to the principles of yoga often receive a devoted student base. It’s that devoted student base that helps build financial sustainability.

Are you a professional yoga teacher? Take the test!

  • Are you committed to high standards in teaching yoga?
  • Are you passionate about making a successful career out of yoga teaching?
  • Do you want to increase your knowledge and expertise by further training?
  • Do you enjoy sharing your specialist knowledge with other yogis?
  • Do you believe that communication and interpersonal skills play a vital role in quality teaching?
  • Is networking and cooperation with fellow teachers important to you?

If the answer to the above questions is ‘yes’ then let your professionalism be seen by joining the only truly dedicated professional yoga organisation in the world.

With YAP, you are part of an elite, highly respected group of yoga professionals. The value of your YAP membership goes way beyond our reputation or those prestigious letters after your name.

We are particularly excited about our Teacher Hub which is a place that members can find good quality articles, instructional videos and discounts to online courses. We have specialists in various fields in yoga (kids yoga/ meditation/ injuries/ anatomy), for instance we have just enrolled David Keil onto this, who offers some excellent resources on anatomy and injuries.

Our members have world class expert knowledge and insights at your fingertips and can stay inspired and knowledgeable with our resources and guidance on a range of specialisms. We also encourage mentoring, leadership programs and job vacancies, so we can help both SYTs offering these and newer teachers looking for support.

We offer our members a platform which is to access the best resources aimed at yoga teachers....and this is something we are building on all the time.

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