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Using Social Media For Your Yoga Business

Social media can benefit your yoga business in a multitude of ways. You can use to it manage your brand reputation, connect with your audience, sell your service or even collaborate with other brands! However, you must remember the purpose of these platforms is to be social — not to sell, sell, sell. 

Allow me to introduce what I like to call "the 3 R's of social media". This stands for response, regularity and ratio. If you keep these at the forefront of your strategy, then you will see better results!


Get back to your audience and stay on top of your notifications! 

You will be notified when people mention you, comment on your posts on direct message you. This is a great indication that your community wants to connect with you online. Get back to them, like their comment, share their story, and grow the connection.

Tip: Dedicate 5-10 minutes everyday to respond to comments and it'll become a habit.


Try setting yourself a realistic goal to keep you accountable.

By posting regularly, the algorithm will favour you! This means your posts are more likely to reach your followers which is what you want. It can be difficult to post every day, so try scheduling a few social media posts ahead of time. 

Tip: Look at the insights of when your audience is most active and schedule posts for those times!


Split your content between selling, content and listening.

There are 4 categories of social media posts: listening, influencing, networking and selling. You wan to make sure you're not leaning to heavy on any one of these. There are different ratios you can try, and with a bit of analysis you can find out what will work best!

Tip: Try starting off with ⅓ selling ⅓ informing ⅓ entertaining.

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