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Experience Quality | 13/03/2019

Is Teaching Yoga a Sustainable Profession?

Bruce Mackay

Written by Bruce Mackay

Is Teaching Yoga a Sustainable Profession?


With the explosion of yoga in the West in recent years, the role of yoga teacher has been elevated to a recognisable and acceptable career of choice.

However, in the current climate and with competition high, how sustainable is teaching yoga as a full-time occupation and a main source of income?

As part of Yoga Alliance Professional's commitment to better understanding this issue, we have committed to running a yearly survey of yoga teachers and to publish the results.

This survey is open to ANY yoga teacher, trainer or practitioner anywhere in the world and takes no more than 5 minutes to complete. Please share this freely with your own yoga teacher or a fellow teacher.

Understanding these potential issues can help us all make real meaningful changes and better support and establish yoga teaching as a realistic profession. We'll share the results with everyone that is able to contribute. 

Please complete the survey below:


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