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New Features | 22/06/2018

The Survey Results

Kirsty Darroch

Written by Kirsty Darroch

The Survey Results

As you may be aware, Yoga Alliance Professionals sent out a detailed survey to all of our members regarding what we can do to increase the value of your membership.

What we heard back from you was impactful. Here are some of the most interesting findings and what we’re planning to do about it.

Turning YAP Into A Powerful Network

What The Survey Said: 78% of respondents said they wanted to focus on making YAP a powerful Yoga Network system for all our members.

What We’re Doing About It: We’ve hired outside consulting firms to help us build a robust strategy to help turn YAP into a powerful network for all of our members. We’re looking at what makes other networks suceed (linkedin, instagram, facebook, pinterest and so forth), and bringing in some of the things they do well. This will take our network to another level.\


Attracting Practitioners To YAP

What The Survey Said: 64% of respondents say they want to bring practitioners to YAP, while 26% say it could be interesting.

What We’re Doing About It: This was was the most interesting response for our staff. Opening up the network to practitioners will significantly increase traffic to the site and provide much more exposure to teachers, trainers, and studios. We’re working hard on creating features and functionality that would entice a yoga practitioner to join the website. We’ve also completed extensive research that suggests making the name more inviting to the public, so we’re currently weighing our options.


Additional Features

We also polled our members to find out which potential new features you would find helpful in promoting your services. Here was what we found:


Being Able To Easily Post To Facebook is Key

It seems like YAP members want to be able to leverage the amazing content they are publishing on the directory, and push it easily to Facebook. Our development team is working hard on bringing this functionality in the coming weeks. After you publish a course, class, workshop, or even a photo album, you’ll be able to push it to Facebook with just a click of a button.

Attract Followers (Becoming an Influencer)

This is not surprising considering the interest shown in attracting practitioners to YAP from a previous survey question. Allowing practitioners to follow your account and be notified when you publish new content only seems like a natural feature to tag along with attracting practitioners to the site.

Post Banner Ads To Drive Traffic To Your Top Posts

Another feature that received a lot of votes is the ability to post banners. We are going to work on a system that allows you to hand pick which posts mean most to you and create a delivery mechanism that allows you to show these on search result pages and more.


So What’s Next?

We want to make sure that we keep all of our valued members in the loop in the coming weeks as our team works to deliver on what you have told us means most to you. We’ll provide you with emails throughout the following weeks as new features get developed or when important news comes up.



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