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The Importance Of Further Training for Your Yoga Career

A career in yoga?  You may ask what a career in yoga looks like. You may know people who have careers; their career path is often clearly set out, and usually entails taking on greater responsibilities, managing employees, or owning their own business. But yoga? With very few exceptions yoga teachers are mainly self-employed and do not join a company with a set career plan. They do their own thing, and this brings its own challenges and advantages. So here is one scenario charting the journey of a beginner yoga teacher to a successful well-known name on the yoga scene. 

Step One

Teach Teach Teach! Teach what you know until you know what you don’t know. And you know what you want: more knowledge, more expertise, more confidence.

Step Two

GO ON learning. Be wary of 500 hour training courses or the 300 hour add-ons, some may repeat what you already know. The best option is to go for the real thing. And the real thing is workshops and trainings by experts and specialists. Do as many as you can afford and pick only the best. Experience them through the eyes of a teacher. Use what you learn in your own teaching. Expand your knowledge and you expand your confidence.

Step Three

Evolve your own style. Grow naturally into your flow. You no longer copy, you create.  

Step Four

Start teaching your own workshops. This is the quantum leap. This is your big step up on the career ladder. Get out there and get known. Ease off on the regular classes, a good workshop will pay more. Travel, do retreats, do holidays. Enjoy the new found freedom of being on your own path.

Step Five

Become a Senior Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance Professionals. You are a professional. Show it to the world. 

Step Six

Start your own Teacher Training. The pinnacle of your career. All that you have learned, experienced and strived for is now ready to be passed down to your students. And you give your wisdom and experience knowing that you are maintaining the genuine teachings of yoga.

You can do it, but don’t do it alone. As a member of Yoga Alliance Professionals, the only professional yoga body in the world, you will be supported in your career path. All the way.

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