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The Best Way To Market Your Teacher Training Courses

Mark is the main point of contact for trainers here at Yoga Alliance Professionals, and he is frequently asked how to promote Teacher Training Courses in an ever-growing industry.

It may be easy to feel daunted by the sheer quantity of yoga events popping up left, right and centre. However, within a market of increasingly dropping standards it is crucial accredited courses like yours exist and are promoted within the public sphere.

We are here to celebrate your training and maximise your potential as a trainer. Because of this I wanted to share with you the most effective methods of promoting your business and yourself as a yoga teacher trainer.

Use Your Yoga Alliance Professionals Profile

We have increased our own on-line presence and are actively bringing potential trainees to our site, who are looking for teacher training courses. Teacher training course listings are consistently one of the most viewed pages on our website. This is one of the reasons why we ask you to list all your accredited courses on our website!  

As one of the world’s largest directories for yoga teachers, your profile with Yoga Alliance Professionals is the perfect platform to exhibit your skills and experience, attract students to your courses and encourage traffic to your own site.

To optimise your profile upload videos, photos and even products you want to sell. The more content you post, the greater your online presence! If this feels too much in what I imagine is an already hectic schedule do not worry, I can help manage this for you. Click here for content management service

Purchase Advertising Space

Online advertising is highly impactful for several reasons; it expands your reach, magnifies your course and serves to educate viewers on what you have to offer. With an average of over 12,000 viewers, 11,000 of which are first-time visitors, now is the perfect time to purchase a promotional post on the Yoga Hub.

Trainers who have taken advantage of this service have seen an increase in students applying to their courses and interest in their programmes. 

Check your Profile

Trainers often miss out on new students as they do not log into their profile or respond to our emails. Potential students can contact trainers (and teachers) through our website, numbers which have recently increased due to the release of our webinar, are you ready to become a yoga teacher. Make sure you check the ‘Manage Leads’ section of your profile regularly to connect with new students!

Increase your online visibility

Another easy, and cheap, way to promote your Teacher Training is to use social media effectively. You can even link your Yoga Alliance Professionals course listings to your Social Media with a simple link!

Post photos, write blogs and ‘like’ other events; engage with the online yoga community. An easy way to do this is to join our Facebook group of accredited yoga teachers and trainers where you can make posts and comments to build your online presence. Like it or leave it Social Media is here to stay and is crucial to staying relevant in the modern world.


Offering a free or discounted place on your event is a great way to encourage interest for your teacher training. Not only will you gain more exposure by posting the offer online, in studios, and in conversation, that lucky someone will be sure to spread the word!

Video Content

Did you know video content is 80% more effective than images? In a world where vlogs are an increasingly popular choice of media, professional video content is an essential.

At Yoga Alliance Professionals we have invested in new technologies to develop impactful video content for our members. Take a look at examples here

With a limitless reach, video is a lasting tool that can be shared, streamed and reposted.


I hope this list serves as inspiration for you to promote your Teacher Trainings and better connect with yoga practitioners at the very start of their yoga career.

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