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The Average Cost Of A Foundation Training Course

The one thing that comes up time and time again is the cost of yoga teacher training courses. "How much are they? How much should I price mine? Why are they so expensive?"

In this blog, we'll explore the prices of a foundation training course (a course that provides you with a qualification to become a yoga teacher) and what factors to consider beyond price.

Factors that influence the cost

Some pretty cheap training courses are available, but as the saying goes, 'you get what you pay for'. It all comes down to the value you receive. Some factors that reflect price are;


If Yoga Alliance Professionals recognises the course, there is added value here. You have peace of mind that the lead teacher has sufficient experience, students spend ample time directly with the teacher, and trainees are provided with resources. 

Attention and Care

The number of students a school accepts to a course can vary. In fact, we have some training courses that are taught entirely on a 1-to-1 basis! The smaller the numbers = more specific attention from the teacher = higher cost. 

Content and Materials

With Yoga Alliance Professionals courses, each training is different! You'll find various modules and other course content included in the price. Sometimes, the school will purchase your insurance, the first year of membership, or recommended reading. 


Running a course in-person is more expensive than running a training online. There is no doubt about it! Consider the overheads, including rent, staffing, electricity and more. 

One thing to be wary of is courses that are wholly pre-recorded! While they may seem tempting because they are so cheap, remember that this will not give you the confidence to become a yoga teacher. Direct contact with the lead teacher is crucial to effectively learning, growing, and gaining guidance. 


Where you take your yoga teacher training course can significantly impact the price! Just look at these reports demonstrating the prices in various UK regions and Ireland. The further up north you go, the more affordable it gets!

When it comes down to it, the cost of a yoga teacher training course can greatly vary! You should never look at the price of a YTTC and book right on to the cheapest one you can find. 

Consider the school's reputation, the lead teacher's personal experience, the modules included in the course and previous graduate success. Any worthy training school will happily provide this information when asked. 

If you are interested in the average cost of training courses:
View the UK Regional Report
View the Ireland Report

If this is all a bit overwhelming and you need help figuring out where to start, we can match you to a training school here.

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