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Yoga Teacher Campaign | 01/07/2019

Why the Yoga Industry is Calling Teachers to Experience The Difference

Bruce Mackay

Written by Bruce Mackay

Why the Yoga Industry is Calling Teachers to Experience The Difference

Yoga continues to be an unregulated industry, and this is a major concern for the future of yoga. That's why the yoga industry is calling for accredited teachers to 'Experience The Difference.'

But what does this mean, exactly?

Well, the popularity of yoga is growing rapidly. There are new courses popping up left and right, claiming to provide all the knowledge and skills needed to become a teacher. There are even online courses available that will make someone a ‘qualified’ teacher, but how can this be when they haven’t had any hands on experience with other bodies?

This essentially creates an overwhelming sea of competition, where many of these teachers haven't received a high level of training. As a result, teachers who have invested in quality training have difficulty standing out from those who have taken shortcuts.

That's why it's so critical, now more than ever. We are looking to accredited teachers to help protect their investment and spread the message of maintaining high standards in yoga. 

You've earned the experience, and now is the time to showcase it. We've created several resources that you, as an accredited teacher, can use to Experience Yoga.


Why Standards in Yoga are Important

We share your vision for maintaining high standards in yoga, and it has always been the foundation of our organisation.

Since we're not-for-profit, we don't have to answer to any shareholders or worry about profit margins. We only have to answer to the teachers and trainers who are part of our network. 

And we don't believe in granting membership to just anyone. It's only open to an elite group of those who meet our standards — which are the highest in the industry.

To elevate this mission of maintaining high standards in yoga, we've been working over the last year to develop educational materials that promote these values and more.

In the Yoga Standards Centre, you'll find lots of articles and information about why standards in yoga are so important.

And soon, a new Social Media Campaign will be launched to educate the public on the importance and safety values of working with a highly trained yoga professional. 


NEW! Accredited Certificates & Badges

You've put in the work to advance your yoga career, and now is the time to showcase it. There's a new way to advertise the accredited yoga courses and the vocational and further training courses you've completed with Certificates and Badges.

First, by sharing your completed foundation course certificate with us, you will receive an internationally recognized YAP certification that will recognise you have trained with the best. Plus, you will also receive a Foundation Badge, which will link back to your trainer's profile and course details.

Also, further education and training continues to be an important element in advancing a teacher's yoga career. To help showcase the vocational and further training courses you've completed, we're introducing Badges and Custom Badges for member profiles. As a graduate from a vocational course or further training course (such as pregnancy or sports yoga), teachers will receive a badge to proudly display their accomplishments.


Critical Issues Yoga Teachers are Facing

According to the results from our recent survey which looks at the sustainability of teaching yoga as a profession, more than 61% of teachers say they struggle to find enough students.

Also, 85% of teachers have trouble finding affordable rental spaces, and 71% believe yoga is saturated in their area, making it difficult to compete.

So what does this tell us and how can we work together to improve the situation? We recently launched three new programs to help teachers combat these issues:

1. Connecting Private Students with You: We are running a BETA campaign to see if we can help pique interest in private classes and connect students with an accredited teacher like you.
2. Helping You Find Rental Spaces: A new service helping studio and rental space owners offer properties to rent for yoga.
3. Connecting Companies with You: As the benefits of yoga continue to spread through the corporate world, more companies are seeking to connect with qualified yoga teachers like you.


Gain & Share Yoga Wisdom

Teachers have been requesting more high-quality content on various yoga topics, as well as ways to share knowledge and seek advice from others.

In response to this, we've developed TONS of new yoga high-quality content resources:

  • The Yoga Blog: Packed with lots of helpful articles for you about yoga theory, history, techniques, and much more.
  • Standards in Yoga Resources: Learn more about why it's so important to maintain high standards in yoga.
  •  Amrita Magazine: You can receive a free downloadable copy of Amrita Magazine, which is filled with insightful articles on topics like yoga therapy, personal teacher interviews and opinions, and much more.
  • The Yoga Hub: Post and comment on various yoga topics shared by teachers and trainers in this member-exclusive community.
  • Teacher Network: Join the Yoga Teacher & Trainer Network on Facebook with more than 1,000 members to network, share ideas, ask for advice...and more!

Our core values revolve around quality, raising the standards of teaching yoga, and helping to get yoga teaching recognised as a valuable profession. We always welcome your feedback on how we're doing and how we might be able to better serve your needs as a teacher. Feel free to contact us any time by email or by phone.

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