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Teacher Transparency Is Desperately Needed In Yoga

The yoga teaching profession has a problem.

All too often, the number of students a teacher gets is a result of their knowledge of marketing and social media. Unfortunately, many of the most committed teachers and trainers spend their time working on their craft rather than promoting their services. This means they sometimes struggle to find students. The system is upside down.

A system that provides transparency in terms of further training commitment is badly needed. Teachers that continually invest in adding to their knowledge and experience should have a platform that allows them to stand out from the rest.

Our solution, we’re introducing badges to teacher profiles and issuing all graduates a course certificate of completion. Practitioners will soon be able to learn more about their teachers and make educated decisions about the training course they choose.


When you see a badge on a teacher’s profile, you’ll know they completed a course of the highest standards.

This is fantastic news for Trainers!

Badges and certificates are a great way to reward your graduates. All course badges link back to the original course details (on our website). Your graduate’s future students will be able to see where they trained to become a yoga teacher, linking potential students back to you!

Are you a trainer that would like to offer badges and an internationally recognised certificate to your graduates? 

Find Out More About Badges

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