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Talking Yoga, the new podcast hosted by Yoga Alliance Professionals

Melissa Albarran
Jan 6, 2020 2:58:25 PM

Tune in for yoga wisdom, yogi experiences and expert advice


Yoga Alliance Professionals has launched a new, bi-monthly podcast to open the conversation around teaching yoga as a profession.

Featuring a wide variety of guests, from seasoned yoga teachers, yoga therapists, teacher trainers and everything in between, Talking Yoga shares the insights and experiences from those dedicated to sharing the practice of yoga to others.  Listen to the first episode here!


What is Talking Yoga about?


While the last decade witnessed an exponential growth in the wellness industry, the subsequent rise in health fads and yoga trends such as Harry Potter asana, Doga and Gin & Yin, has been somewhat questionable. Talking Yoga seeks to cut through the noise to foster meaningful discussions about the role of yoga, its wide-reaching nature, and evolution in modern society.

This podcast is designed for yoga enthusiasts of all kinds. Whether you’re thinking of becoming a yoga teacher or are currently in a bit of a rut with your classes, these conversations hope to motivate and inspire you with your practice.


How can I get involved?


This podcast is all about sharing yoga teacher’s voices to help provide you with the very best yoga knowledge and inspiration!

If there is anyone, in particular, you would like to hear interviewed or any feedback you have for the podcast please do get in touch.

Email: podcast@yogaallianceprofessionals.org


Listen Here!


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