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Social Media Best Practices: LinkedIn

Claire Campbell
Sep 21, 2022 4:47:22 PM

Are you looking to expand your network? Have you tried using Linked In? This social media platform is massive for making connections and is bursting with business professionals. A quick search for yoga teachers shows 16,000 in the UK and 120,000 in the USA. 

A quick way to make new connections is to share information others share. 

To start with, remember to share the post with a comment, which allows you to make your stamp on the original post. 

The best practice for sharing information are:

  1. Keep your comments short and sweet. Under 120 characters is best. 
  2. Use questions in your comment. For example, you share an article entitled 'The Top Exercise Regimes of Successful People.' Your comment should be: Do you share the top exercise regime of successful people? Questions outperform statements by 3 to 1!
  3. Use negative words like shouldn't, can't, and won't in your comment. This can boost engagement. Think of the media. They use scare words to grab your attention!  
  4. Use lists and how-tos. Lists are easy to read, and people love to learn, especially in bite-sized chunks.
  5. Share your comments at the same time users are online. People tend to look at Linked In at the start and end of the day and lunchtime. 
  6. Remember to tag the person whose post you are sharing in the comment. Give them kudos; they may connect with you. 

Give it a try. Sharing other people's posts is a great way to make new connections. Don't forget to follow us!

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