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Setting Student Expectations on What to Expect From Your Yoga Class

You have your first yoga class set up and ready to go, congratulations!

Something to remember, particularly if your class is for beginners, is that you should have information on what students can expect to happen in the class and how they should prepare. 

It may seem obvious, but if you are new to yoga, you may be apprehensive about attending a class for the first time. The same could be said about going to a new teacher or studio. The Instagram pictures of yoga can paint a different picture to an actual class!

Having a page on our website setting expectations can be helpful. I would also recommend you share a copy of this once someone has paid to join your class.  

Things to include:

  • Students should arrive 5 minutes before the class to set up/relax;
  • Try not to eat 2 hours before the class;
  • Toilet situation;
  • Remove shoes at the entrance to the hall/studio; 
  • What clothing to wear;
  • Are there changing facilities/should they come ready?
  • Turn phones off/keep them at the side;
  • You may adjust them during asana/postures;
  • Whether they need a mat/equipment;
  • What format will the class take;
  • Making you aware of health/medical conditions;
  • Do you end your class with Shavasana? Should they bring warm clothes or a blanket? What is this?

You can adapt this list to suit your class and add any relevant information you think could be helpful. 

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