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Why Senior Teachers are the foundation that drives our vision

You joined Yoga Alliance Professionals as a trainee, and when you graduated you became a full teacher member.

You embarked on your career as a yoga teacher, gaining hands-on experience. You learnt on the job, gained insights, made mistakes along the way, got to know all the ins and outs of teaching, and most of all, about yourself. 

You advanced along the career path as set out by Yoga Alliance Professionals, and formed a partnership with them, working closely to promote high quality teaching. You taught workshops and promoted them through your profile on the YAP site. And then you reached the pinnacle of your career, after 8 years and 4000 hours of teaching, and joined the ranks of Senior Yoga Teacher.

Your workshops were now part of the organisation’s further training for member teachers, you submitted articles and blogs and were invited to contribute to Amrita magazine. You were invited to discussions on important topics in the yoga world and you offered advice on your area of specialisation. YAP trusted you as a valued and highly professional teacher and accredited you to train teachers.

Your yoga journey was now brought to maturity, and your wisdom and knowledge passed on to others who would now continue in your footsteps, teaching with integrity and high standards. And along your journey, YAP supported and promoted you. You grew together with a common vision of professionalism and high standards. This is why our Senior teachers are our foundation, and what makes our organisation grow and flourish.  They help drive our vision and achieve our core values.

Helping to promote Yoga Teaching as a professional career choice

Our Core Values: 

  • Quality - Maintaining high standards, being mindful and conscientious.
  • Partnership - Co-operating with YAP and collaboration.
  • Community - Being involved, being heard, listening and supporting.
  • Trend Setting - Having a vision, taking initiative, being a leader.
  • Living the yoga Life - Be ethical, meditate, practice yoga, eat a yogic diet

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