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Recommendations for Teaching Indoors

The following is a list of our recommendations for the reopening of yoga studios, based on the information presented by the government guidelines, sports bodies and World Health Organisation. 

1. Distance mats 2 metres apart from one another to maximise safety. UK active stated 2 metres from the middle of the mat is legally acceptable, assuming everyone moves in a synchronised manner. You will be insured if you distance mats 2 metres from the middle of the mat.

2. Use an online service to process bookings before class. The name and contact details of each customer should be recorded for track and trace purposes. 

3. Reduce class sizes and allowing sufficient time between each class to avoid groups waiting outside during changeover.

4. Ask students to bring their own mats and equipment where possible.

5. Enhanced cleaning and providing hand sanitiser throughout venues.

6. Masks should be worn when moving around the venue and in enclosed spaces. However, masks do not need to be worn during a yoga class. 

7. Create a queue and walk-way system for people to enter,  pass through and exit the venue with minimum social contact.

8. Ensure adequate ventilation before, during and after each class. A target ventilation rate of 20l/s/p is advised for facilities. This can either be attained through adjustments to ventilation systems themselves, or by controlling numbers (based on 100sqft per person, net usable indoor space available to members to use, including changing rooms) and using natural ventilation.

9. Customers and staff should be encouraged to shower and change at home wherever possible.

10. Clean and disinfect studio space between classes, and following a regular schedule.

11. The studio owner should take responsibility for actioning a thorough cleaning procedure and risk assessment for the studio space.

12. The teachers should have access to a COVID-19 risk assessment, which should include cleaning procedures and steps to protect students and staff. Teachers should accept and follow the risk assessment accordingly. In some instances where the individual is hiring the space, they may be required to create a separate risk assessment.

13. The contact information and shift times of each member of staff should be kept on record for at least 21 days for track and trace purposes. 

14. Studios should display a QR code at the entrance of the facility. 

* Hot yoga studios can only reopen as long as sufficient ventilation is in place. Please see UKActive for ventilation guidelines. 

Studio owners and teachers should follow the specific government guidelines in their region. As the situation changes these recommendations will be reviewed and updated.


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