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Qualified yoga teachers share their advice to teachers in training

The process of becoming a yoga teacher is often described as transformational. Indeed, for those who long to deepen their practice and share the gift of yoga, pursuing a career in yoga teaching is a truly life-affirming experience.

However, regardless of how committed and passionate you may be, training to become a qualified teacher can be gruelling. Even after months dedicated to studying the practice and perfecting the technique, when graduation day comes around, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed or uncertain about what lies ahead. 

To help allay such worries and calm those pre-graduation day nerves, Yoga Alliance Professionals asked their registered yoga teachers the one piece of advice they would give to soon-to-be-qualified trainees…

“Don’t think you have to teach everybody! There will be people who will not like your classes and there will be others who love your classes. Don’t think you have to please everybody!” - Claudia Steinhauser Munroe 

“Never lose sight of your own practice and always be a student” - Reena Patel 

“Teach what you know” - Bex Triggs

“Yoga is not about picture-perfect poses, but rather about the journey. Teach with honesty and integrity, and do not be afraid to tell your students that you are still learning. I have been teaching for well over a decade and I still share with my students how I am constantly still learning and growing” - Varsha Khatri 

“Don’t be in a rush” - Nichi Green

“Remind your students that it is okay to use modifications when needed: it’s their body, their mat and their yoga practice. Reminding them of this helps you to remember these things too. Most important, embrace teaching the magic of yoga and all it has to offer” - Christina Bone

“Every time you do your own practice say the verbal cues so that it feels natural when you are teaching” - Louise Murray 

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