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Massage Therapy: Yoga Alliance Professionals latest Specialist course

Melissa Albarran

Written by Melissa Albarran

Massage Therapy: Yoga Alliance Professionals latest Specialist course

Yoga Alliance Professionals now accredit Thai and Ayurvedic Massage Training! These courses will come under Specialist Training, in addition to our existing Meditation, Teens, Children, Pregnancy and Sports yoga courses.  

What is the Connection between Massage and  Yoga?

Ask anyone who has experienced either Thai or Ayurvedic massage, and they will tell you it is a transformative experience. The effects of such physical manipulation is akin to yoga, in that it induces greater self-awareness, enhanced flexibility and improved breathing. 

As such, when performed correctly, these massage therapies serve as a valuable adjunct to yoga teaching. Massage and yoga are highly complementary, given that proficiency in the former can inform and benefit the yoga teacher’s understanding of human anatomy, their competency in adjusting and ability to tune into external energy.  


Why is YAP accrediting Massage Courses?

To perform Thai and Ayurvedic massage requires specific knowledge and a unique skill-set, yet without adequate training the therapist can cause injury or harm. As the industry grows, poor practice is becoming increasingly common, provoking Yoga Alliance Professionals to suggest a minimum criteria for the above massage training. 

Read About Our Criteria Here

Senior Yoga Teachers offering massage therapy as specialist or additional training can now apply for our accreditation and specialist badge! The badge will be displayed on the trainer's profile, showcasing the diverse range of training opportunities available. 


Where massage training providers are not existing senior yoga teachers, Thai and Ayurvedic massage courses will have to be taught by a registered massage therapist with at least eight years of teaching experience and 4000 teaching hours. Non-yoga-teacher graduates will not gain accreditation with Yoga Alliance Professionals as Specialist yoga teachers, given that the qualification does not permit them to teach yoga.


Interested in Thai and Ayurvedic Massage Training? book a chat with our expert Louise :)


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