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Master Complex Yoga Poses in the Asana Clinic

Have you ever found yourself struggling to hold Triangle Pose in a yoga class? Or, wondered if you were doing Cobra Pose correctly? Maybe you strained your neck trying to give Headstand a try?

Yoga Alliance Professionals, the UK’s leading professional body for yoga teachers, has teamed up with BAMboo Clothing to create a series of instructional yoga videos for yoga enthusiasts. 

Here, expert yoga teacher Brian Cooper guides viewers through the correct execution of key yoga poses such as Cobra, Low Lunge and Headstand, focusing on the right form and technique to ensure each pose is performed safely. 

This comes following a study from Bupa that found over 7 million Brits suffered from an injury over lockdown, a suggested cause for this being remote learning. Without the presence of a yoga teacher to correct and adjust, online practitioners open themselves up to adopting bad habits and poor techniques. And, as more reports emerge highlighting an increase in yoga-related injuries, the professional body for yoga teachers sees a need to emphasise the correct form of common yoga poses. 

With over 50 years of teaching experience, Brian Cooper is a well-known figure in the industry.  He says “Yoga is a practice for life. With the proper technique, you can practice yoga at any age, whether you’re 15 or 70 and experience many benefits. The aim of these videos is to explore each pose in minute detail so that you understand what areas of the body you need to engage and why.

The short series features regular practitioners, recording the models as they deal with common issues such as tight hamstrings and poor balance. The decision to use genuine yoga practitioners, rather than experienced teachers, was to make the videos relatable to the viewers and to demonstrate that yoga really is accessible to everyone

The videos, which are free of charge, are available on the Yoga Alliance Professionals website. 

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