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Introducing Deferment Rates

As the yoga industry expands, we are witnessing increasingly more training schools being set up, churning out students for financial gain. 

Teacher Training Courses can be lucrative, especially if you continuously take on and pass vast quantities of students, regardless of their ability or skill. In the process of striving to please paying trainees, and obtain unimpeachable ratings from under-skilled graduates, these schools discredit the profession and contribute to the declining standards of yoga.

We perceive our trainers to be Gatekeepers for yoga; trainers provide their students with the tools to become great yoga teachers, and must ultimately assess whether these individuals are capable of passing on the yogic knowledge to future generations.

A Teacher Trainer should not feel obliged to pass a trainee, but should rather help nurture and support those students who are not yet ready to graduate come the end of the course. 

Whether the individual requires additional mentoring or further study, deferring a student’s graduation allows them to develop their skills as a yoga teacher and demonstrates the Trainer’s commitment to producing outstanding yoga teachers. 

For this reason we have added the Deferment Rate onto our Trainer’s profile. This displays the percentage of students the trainer has continued to train to support them graduating as an outstanding yoga teacher. It is a symbol of the Trainer’s willingness to invest in their students and cultivate the very best yoga teachers.

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