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Inclusive Yoga with Crohn's: My Experience Into Teacher Training

We often hear the term “yoga is accessible to all”, and whilst I personally believe that, I’m not sure everyone has the same sentiment, especially for people who have a chronic illness or are recovering from surgery. 

Between 2019 and 2022, I underwent multiple (a total of 9) surgeries to treat Crohn’s Disease (an autoimmune disease which affects the bowel). This ultimately led to me having my first colostomy formed in 2021 and a further alteration in 2022. A colostomy is where the bowel is redirected to an opening in the abdomen, often referred to as a Stoma. 

Through my own experience of practising yoga before, during and after my illness/surgery, I have a strong belief that yoga is accessible to all, especially when you have teachers who you trust and can safely adapt the asana practice to your needs whilst also showing compassion and patience.

It was through this inspirational group of yoga teachers that gave me the motivation to commence Yoga Teacher Training earlier this year. I had the thought that through my own experiences of having to adapt positions and being kind to myself by actively practising Ahimsa (non-violence in words or actions, to yourself or others), I thought I could help people in similar positions to bring yoga into their life and support their healing journey. 

I’m part way through my YTT with Tree Living Yoga (@TreeLivingYoga), and I realise that this training is not only teaching me how to be a Yoga teacher, but it is also helping me heal my mind and body in ways I didn’t know needed healing. When I qualify, I hope to be a light to my students like my teachers have been to me. 

I raise awareness of what it’s like to live life with a stoma on my Instagram page @stomabetty in the hope that people going through this can see that there is life and healing beyond a stoma. 



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