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How To Promote Yourself As A Yoga Teacher

Aimee Williamson
Sep 20, 2019 12:00:00 PM

Do you find it challenging to promote yourself and stand out from the crowd? This area is one of the most frequently asked questions we get from our members. Your profile on the Yoga Alliance Professionals website acts as a website in itself. You may also have a website as well, and that’s fine.

We understand how scary it may feel putting yourself (and your events) out there in an industry that is overflowing with all things yoga. However, remember that you have an advantage - you have completed a quality training course, and you should be shouting about this!

Read on, and we’ll share some tips you can use to promote yourself and advertise your events.

1. Use Your Yoga Alliance Professionals Profile 

We work hard for our members by bringing yoga practitioners (potential students for you) to our website. All members can be searched for by name, location and specialism.

We recently introduced a new feature called business leads for practitioners. Allowing practitioners who are looking for private classes, a training course, corporate classes to be matched to a teacher.

Find A Teacher

As Yoga Alliance Professionals is one of the largest directories of yoga teachers, your profile is the perfect place to promote yourself! The more you utilise your profile, the more traffic you will receive. By traffic we mean the more people will look at your profile. Your profile has the potential to give you more students, and it can also drive more traffic to your website (if you have one)!

Filling your profile with content is one of the best things you can do to gain exposure on the Yoga Alliance Professionals website. You can add workshops, retreats, membership articles and various forms of media (videos, voice recordings and photos). Unsure how to do this? Not to worry, we have created helpful how-to’s that you can access here

The same goes for your website if you have one. The more you update it, the higher up it will show in Google searches. If you have lots of information on your website or social media and no time, we can add this on to your profile for a small charge. Learn more about our content management service.

Learn More

2. Check your Profile

Teachers miss out on potential new students because they do not check their profile! If you haven’t been checking your profile, you should log in and see if you have any messages waiting for you.

There are two ways a potential student can get in touch with you. Either through a Business Lead (mentioned above) or a Private Message. You’ll be able to see these within your account dashboard under the ‘manage leads’ and ‘message board’ tabs.

Another thing to look out for is notifications! A recent addition to your profile. You’ll be able to see who has liked or commented on any of your posts. You should make sure you’re responding to any comments, especially if they are asking questions.

Log In

3. Increase your online visibility

Another easy and cheap way to promote yourself is to use social media. You can even share posts you make on your profile to your Social Media with a simple click!

There are many simple things you can do to get your name out there. From liking and commenting on other people’s pages and events to joining Facebook Groups. You can post photos, add videos, write blogs, share your wisdom on your page. Small steps will help you engage with the online yoga community.

We have our own closed Facebook Group for our teacher members, where you can make posts and comments to build your online presence. Like it or leave it, Social Media is here to stay and is crucial to staying relevant in the modern world.

More Member Benefits

4. Video Content 

Did you know video content is 80% more effective than images? In a world where vlogs are an increasingly popular choice of media, professional video content is essential.

At Yoga Alliance Professionals, we have invested in new technologies to develop impactful video content for our members.Take a look at examples here.

With a limitless reach, a video is a lasting tool that can be shared, streamed and reposted.

Get Your Custom Video

We hope this has helped you understand some of the ways you can promote yourself as a yoga teacher! Connecting with your community and advertising your events is essential. If there’s anything else we can do to help you, give us a call on 0131 659 9922.

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