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How To Run A Successful Yoga Class

Whether you’ve been teaching for years or this is your first yoga class my one top tip is to be prepared! 

It may sound simple but preparation is the key to success. Having a plan before you arrive, what are you going to teach, what are the learning outcomes for the student, will help alleviate your nerves. 

Follow my top tips to ensure your classes run smoothly. 

  1. Set expectations for the students before they attend, what are their learning outcomes 
  2. Show up ahead of the class to set up the room. Adjust the heating, lighting, lay out the equipment, music etc 
  3. Welcome students as they arrive
  4. Start the class with a brief overview 
  5. Ask students if they have any new injuries/illnesses, so you can make adjustments as needed
  6. Identify any students who do not want to be adjusted 
  7. During the class, demonstrate asana and offer variations to suit different abilities
  8. Listen to your students, not just verbal listening, look at their body language, facial expressions to gather their understanding
  9. At the end of the class, invite students to give you feedback, ask questions.

Your job is to teach, and the way you present yourself is key to your connection with your students. Being aware of your actions and body language is essential.

Think back to new classes you have attended, yoga or not. How did you feel? Replicate the things which worked for you and made you go back for more classes. First impressions count!

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