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How Can I Land My First Yoga Teaching Job?

In my role at Yoga Alliance Professionals, I regularly speak with recently qualified yoga teachers. Chatting to them about their teacher training experience and learning what they have planned for their career is one of the best parts of my job.

However, in many cases, it is not always as simple as setting up weekly classes in the local studio. For a lot of graduates, securing their first yoga teaching job can take some time. Without the right contacts, experience and a strong teaching presence, gaining regular employment can be more challenging than it may seem.

Luckily, having spent those hours speaking with new, and older, yoga teachers, I have learnt what works when it comes to landing that first job, and what doesn’t work quite so well.

Find Cover Classes

Offer your services to other yoga teachers. Let them know that you are available should they need cover. The more often you cover classes, the more experience you will gain and the more experience you have often increases the likelihood of regular employment.

You can advertise your availability straight on the Yoga Hub, where all our other yoga teacher members can see.

Advertise Your Availability

Get Insured

Having insurance is a must when it comes to teaching yoga, and studios or gyms will often ask to see a copy of your insurance and accreditation. It is worthwhile getting these elements in place before you start applying for teaching jobs to make the process more efficient. What’s more, having both insurance and accreditation ready demonstrates your professionalism and commitment to providing excellent quality yoga. With the Yoga Alliance Professionals unique badge system, you can easily showcase a variety of qualifications, specialisms and further training to any employer.

Learn More About Insurance

Approach Gyms and Studios

Sometimes all you need to do is ask. Speak to your yoga trainer about taking up a class when you graduate, or if they know of a studio that could do with a spare pair of hands. After all, they want you to find work!

If you cannot get work through studios, try private classes! Yoga Alliance Professionals has a matching service that connects the public with registered members based on speciality and location. This includes both 1-1s and business contacts, and is a great way to land your first job!

Get Matched!

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