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Fuel Your Passion: 5 Actions To Embrace Learning As A Yoga Teacher

Fuel Your Passion: 5 Actions To Embrace Learning As A Yoga Teacher

You’ve done it. You’ve earned your certification.

That piece of paper that says you’re qualified, capable, and ready to guide others on their path to wellness and inner peace is in your hands. You’ve poured your heart, soul, and countless hours into mastering asanas, understanding anatomy, and embodying the philosophy of yoga. 

But here’s the truth that some shy away from. Your journey doesn’t end here.

It’s only just begun!

The Illusion of the Finish Line

Many people fall into the trap of thinking that once they achieve a milestone, they can relax and coast along. They see the qualification as the finish line, the end of their learning journey.

But in reality, true mastery comes from a lifelong commitment to growth and learning. Completing a 200-hour teacher training course is not the pinnacle of your journey; it’s the launching pad.

The yoga world is vast, rich, and constantly evolving. New techniques, deeper insights, and fresh perspectives are continually emerging. To be a truly great teacher, you must be a lifelong student.

The Power of Continuous Learning

Why is continuous learning so powerful? Because it keeps you vibrant, dynamic, and relevant. It ensures that your teaching is not based solely on what you learned during your first teacher training course. It allows you to adapt, innovate, and inspire your students with the latest knowledge and practices.

The best teachers are always curious and hungry for more knowledge. They never settle. They attend workshops, enrol in further training programs, read extensively, and seek out mentorship. They understand that learning is not a destination but a journey.

Want to learn but not sure what topic or teacher to choose? Have a browse of YAPTA Tasters! These are short, free online videos designed to give you a feel for the topic and for the teacher. 

Embrace the Growth Mindset

So, how do you keep that fire burning? You need to have a growth mindset; do this by setting goals for yourself.

Challenge yourself to learn a new style of yoga, delve deeper into the philosophy, or master advanced asanas. Seek feedback from your students and peers, and use it constructively. The most transformative experiences often come from stepping outside your comfort zone.

Embrace the belief that you can continually improve and that there’s always more to learn. Celebrate your achievements and use them as fuel to propel you forward.

Take Action Today

Here are a few actionable steps you can take to ensure your growth as a yoga teacher:

  1. Enrol in Further Training: Whether it’s a niche certification like kids yoga, a chair yoga workshop, or a retreat with a master teacher, further training can take your skills and understanding to the next level. View further training >
  2. Join a Community: Surround yourself with like-minded individuals who are also committed to growth. Join a teacher’s association like Yoga Alliance Professionals, join local Facebook groups, or participate in online forums. The exchange of ideas and experiences will enrich your practice and teaching. Join the Facebook group >
  3. Read and Research: Dedicate time to reading books, articles, and research papers on yoga and related fields, expanding your knowledge of anatomy, philosophy, and teaching methodologies. View recommended reading list >
  4. Practice, Practice, Practice: Your personal practice is the foundation of your teaching. Dedicate daily time to deepen your practice, explore new techniques, and connect with your inner self. Find a teacher > 
  5. Seek Mentorship: Find a mentor who can guide, challenge, and support your growth. Learning from someone more experienced can provide invaluable insights and accelerate your progress. Find a mentor > 

The Ripple Effect

Remember, your commitment to continuous learning benefits you and everyone you teach. Your students will feel your passion, dedication, and ever-expanding knowledge. They will be inspired by your example and motivated to embark on their own growth journeys.

Embrace the endless journey of learning and commit to being the best versions of ourselves, not just for our sake but also for those we have the privilege to teach. Growth is a path of joy, fulfilment, and boundless potential.

You can also count your further training hours towards membership upgrades! You can keep these hours updated on your profile. If you complete an accredited further training course, you may be eligible for a badge, so upload the certificate from your dashboard. 

You’ve got this. Keep learning, keep growing, and ultimately help serve others with yoga.

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