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Finding Students Is A Critical Problem For Teachers

Are you a yoga teacher with a full schedule and no need for more students? Then consider yourself fortunate.

According to the results from our recent survey which looks at the sustainability of teaching yoga as a profession, over 61% of teachers say they struggle to find enough students.

Also, 85% of teachers have trouble finding affordable rental spaces, and 71% believe yoga is saturated in their area, making it difficult to compete.

So what does this tell us and how can we work to improve the situation?

Difficulty Finding Students

There seem to be three primary strategies for finding students.

  1. Teach at a yoga studio (Students and space provided)
  2. Set up classes (students and space required)
  3. Supplement a studio teaching position with private classes

The first option is an excellent introduction to teaching but ultimately limits your earning power. The second and third strategies offer better earning potential but require more time, upfront costs and marketing knowledge to accomplish.

Too Much Competition

One of the challenges for teachers is that yoga is not regulated. The result is anyone can take a quick training course and call themselves a yoga teacher and start offering lower prices to take loyal students from more qualified and experienced teachers.

What Can We Do About It As A Collective? 

Promoting quality teaching and training is the core of what Yoga Alliance Professionals stands for. Accredited yoga teachers that share the same values are getting drowned out in a sea of yoga classes and content. To counter this, we are reaching out to the public and educating them on the importance and safety values in working with a fully qualified and highly trained yoga professional.

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