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Facebook For Yoga Business (part 2)

Aimee Williamson
Aug 20, 2018 3:39:00 PM

In this part, I will sharing with you my top 6 recommendations on where to start with your Facebook Business Page. It’s important that you set everything up correctly and ensure that any potential new students know exactly what you do and who you are. If you’d like to know these 6 tips, keep reading…

1. Complete Your Page

When you create your Facebook Page, I highly recommend that you update all of your about information. This is a space for you to clearly identify who you are and what you do, let people get to know your business and more. For example, you can write a short story on the founders, if you are a studio. If you are a teacher you could explain why yoga means so much to you. You can see the YAP Facebook here if you’d like to have a look.

The more information you can complete the better, as this will give potential students a better understanding of your business/brand. It may be more difficult to fill the details out if you’re a teacher (as you don’t have specific opening and closing times) but you should try and fill it out to the best of your ability. Please be wary though, as anyone can view this information so I would suggest not using your personal home address/personal phone number.

2. Request Reviews

The reviews are a great way to gain trust from other potential students, so I would suggest asking your current students to recommend you on Facebook.

3. Scheduling Software

There are various online websites that allow you to schedule for your social media, such as HootSuite, and most of them have a free membership. You can link all of your social media profiles to the one account and schedule for all of them in one place! 

4. Swapping Accounts

Since you are now in control of two Facebook Accounts you will need to keep in mind which one you are commenting/liking from.

The same thing goes if you want to share anything to your business page. You will need to select ‘share to a page’ otherwise it will go to your personal account. 

5. Answering Messages 

Don't leave your community hanging! Students may be reaching out to you via private message, so make sure to check in frequently to answer their questions.

6. Setting Up Out Of Hours

Let your students know you are unavailable when they attempt to contact you out of hours. To do this you select the Messaging Settings (this is a menu you can find when looking at the page settings, which is a button that says ‘settings’ on your page!) and choose ‘stay responsive when you don’t have access’. From here you can type a message that will be automatically sent and choose your schedule. It’s worth mentioning that this won’t count as your response time, that would be too easy! The ‘timer’ will start from when you say your page is available and how long it takes you to reply.

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