Facebook For Yoga Business (part 1)

Aimee Williamson
Aug 17, 2018 3:35:00 PM

As I’m sure most of you will know, Facebook is a social media network that allows you to connect with friends, family and your favourite brands all in one place. You may not like Facebook for personal use but there is no denying that it is a powerful tool for your business. 

Facebook is the largest social media network, with a staggering 2.23 Billion active monthly users*. If you don’t promote your business on Facebook, you could be missing out on a huge portion of your target market.

Before you get started, ensure that you have a Facebook Business Page! It’s fairly simple to set up a business page, if you need some help click here for step by step instructions.

How is Facebook beneficial? 

As I mentioned above, there are over 2 Billion Active Users on Facebook every month. This is a huge amount of people, all on one platform, and using Facebook can be a great way to grow your business. 

Facebook allows you to create a business page, a great way to separate your personal life and your business. You can use the platform to increase brand awareness, promote your classes and events or just to keep in touch with your students. 

When you post on Facebook and another user (lets say a student of yours) likes/comments on your post, your post will then become visible to some of their friends. Even though your student isn’t ‘sharing’ the post, because they interacted with the post their friends will see it. Assuming that at least some of their friends are interested in yoga and live in the same area, new people may look at your page, choose to follow you and potentially attend your classes/events. 

And finally, keeping in touch with your students. The reason Facebook was created in the first place was to keep in touch with those that matter. This will allow your students to interact with you on a daily basis and if they have a question for you they don’t have to wait until class to ask. You can also create your own group so that all of your students can discuss your class together, or you can remind them of the week’s ‘homework’! 

Your Business Page

Business Pages have a lot more to them than your Personal Profile. There are too many differences to be able to go into each and every one, so instead I’ll go through the main features of the Business Page.


Insights show the analytics of your Facebook Page. You can see how  your overall page is growing. It breaks down your individual posts, so you can see what your followers are enjoying on your page and things that they don’t love so much. This information is invaluable to consider when planning future posts.


You can add your events on Facebook pages too! These are perfect if you run Workshops, Retreats and Teacher Training courses. This also allows you to choose co-hosts, so you can let the studio and assisting teachers contribute to the event page too. Additionally, you get insights/analytics for your events, this will tell you how many people your event has reached, how many have responded (as they can say they are ‘interested’ or ‘going’) and how many people have clicked ‘Get Tickets’.


Another reason to get a business page is because it’s visible to the public. This allows you to keep your personal profile private but still allow your business to be found easily on Social Media. 


Similarl to your personal profile, you can post updates to your business page. There are a variety of types of posts that you can share to your business page. You can create a poll, Q&A, add directions to your studio, get ‘shop’ visits (this adds a shop now button to the post), support a non-profit and lots more!

You can tag people and pages the same way as your personal profile, by typing ‘@‘ and then their name/business name. You can also use hashtags, but these are not widely used on Facebook as their search is very smart and picks up every word you use in your posts.


You will notice whenever you are on a business page there are reviews. Facebook has recently changed the way the reviews work, they are now recommendations. This means that people will no longer rate you based on the star rating they previously used, it is now simply ‘recommend’ or ‘do not recommend’ and then they can discuss their experience with you/your business. These are still called reviews on your page! 


If you have DVD’s or books, for example, you can set these up as products on your Facebook Page. You can promote your products on Facebook a couple of ways. One of which is a products menu, this goes on the side of your Facebook page for people to click on and browse, another way is to ‘tag’ your product in any relevant posts.

More Tips!

If you'd like to learn more, have a read of part 2! In Part 2, you will learn about settings that you can customise to suit you and some other ways that you can attract new students.


Facebook For Business Part 2

Continue reading in the next part!

Read Part 2

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