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Discover the Advantages of Practicing Yoga During Pregnancy

There are endless benefits when it comes to prenatal yoga! I have been practising yoga since 2001, and when I became pregnant seven years ago, it felt natural for me to do yoga while becoming a mum. 

From the first class, I felt the benefits of this beautiful practice. The classes support pregnant women throughout their journey, from early pregnancy to labour. 

When practising yoga during pregnancy, the most important thing is to carefully listen to your body and go at a suitable pace. It should not cause any discomfort but only feel good.

Let's get into the benefits of pregnancy yoga!

Physical Benefits

Practising yoga while pregnant does have some physical benefits. The practice improves posture, muscle strength, reduces back pain, and helps flexibility.

The practice can also strengthen your abdominal muscles, but remember, you should only practice when the doctor has permitted you to do so. 

Emotional Benefits

Yoga while pregnant improves the mother's emotional well-being by soothing her body and mind with natural poses. 

The mother feels more in tune with herself and is calmer than before she practised yoga during her pregnancy. These practices give mum coping mechanisms when experiencing labour pain when giving birth due to the reduced tension.

Yoga improves self-esteem, which may be low from body changes caused by pregnancy, such as stretch marks or increased weight. 

Yoga while pregnant enables you to gain mental clarity through relaxation. It can ease stress and tension in expectant mothers with anxiety.

Pregnancy Yoga contains a lot of breathing exercises and meditation postures that can help pregnant women relax and improve their mental health. 

In addition, the chance is lower that they develop anxiety or stress-related problems such as depression.

After having my daughter I decided to become a yoga teacher and took my 200h foundation course. Soon after graduating, I decided to get qualified in pregnancy & postnatal yoga. I just loved the thought of helping new mums during pregnancy, nurturing them and supporting them throughout this fantastic journey.

Now 7 yrs later, I own my studio Soo Yoga in Northampton and offer weekly pregnancy classes I teach myself. I love that Yoga postures can be adapted to suit each woman's individual needs and abilities, making it a safe and beneficial practice for all. Are you in the Northampton area? Join me in my next pregnancy yoga class!

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