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Amrita 6: Asana Through The Ages

The 6th issue of Amrita, Yoga Alliance Professionals’ annual yoga magazine, is set to be released on the 21st of April. This year the focus is on asana; the origins and evolution of the physical postures that have now become synonymous with the practice of yoga. 

Going beyond contemporary trends, Amrita offers up in-depth commentary, quality research and insights from skilled yoga professionals. Over the years, Amrita has become an authoritative voice on all things yoga.

The 6th issue of Amrita comes at a timely point in the history of yoga. In March 2020 Google searches for online yoga reached an all-time high, while virtual fitness platform, MindBody Online, has found yoga to be the most popular type of online exercise. As interest peaks in the physical practice of yoga, Amrita 6 answers questions on where this movement sequence originated and the science behind its effect on the body and mind. 

With contributions from prominent yoga teachers, academics and experts on anatomy, this issue of Amrita weighs in on the debate around yoga-related injuries and the role teachers have to play in this. Additional commentary includes an analysis of the absence of mind-body approaches in government policy for children’s mental health and an examination of the gender politics of yoga.

Brian Cooper, the editor of Amrita, sums up this issue as “a way of looking back in order to look forward to the ever-changing face of yoga. We examine the history, transformation, and modern application of the movements that are now known as yoga”. 

Amrita magazine, recognised as “The yoga industry’s publication for professionals and the public”, is the destination for those keen to delve deeper into the practice.

To read all of our previous issues of Amrita follow the link here! 

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