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6 Ways To Optimise Your Yoga Business Profile On Social Media

You've set up the social media profiles for your yoga business and you're ready to start promoting your offerings on the various social channels. The question is - has your profile been optimised for optimum results?

You will see a greater return if you follow these 6 optimisation tips:

1. Consistency is key

I'm not talking about your posting frequency here, I'm talking about your brand! Make sure that your name, profile photo and contact details are the same across all social media platforms. If, like us, you have an extra long company name, then you may need to compromise and drop a letter here and there (see example). The point is, you want to be easily identified online. Your brand shouldn't change from channel to channel.

2. Point back to your site

Add links to your main website wherever you can! You want to make it as easy as possible for potential students to find more information about what you do and how you can help them.

3. Convert to a brand/business account

To access beneficial functionality you should make sure you have set up a business profile! Each social platform will have different ways to do this. For example, Facebook you would create a business page linked to your personal profile whereas on Instagram you can convert a personal profile into a business profile.

4. Adding links wherever you can

Try to always link back to your website or offerings in some way. This includes on your posts, in your bio, on your cover photo etc. You may even want to share links to your other social media channels! The goal should be for your audience to take action, so provide them with a link that will help them do that.

5. Always think about keywords

When writing your bio, descriptions for images and post content you always want to consider keywords. This is especially true for platforms such as Pinterest, as it will increase your likelihood of being found.

6. Using all functionality available to you

All social media platforms have unique functionality, so make sure you are using them to their capabilities! Some examples are:

- Pin posts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
- Make playlists on YouTube
- Add reels to Instagrams

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