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5 Tips To Finding Your Ideal Yoga Teacher Training Course

With so many yoga teacher training courses available, choosing one that will tick all your boxes can take time and effort.

In this short blog, you'll receive tips to make finding your ideal course easier.

Know what you want to teach

What you teach may differ from the type of yoga you regularly practice. Look at what is currently available in your local community and identify any gaps you could fill. For example, you may find the elderly community is not being served, so you want to offer chair yoga. 

Attend open days

Not all training schools will have open days, but if available, you should attend them! It's a great way to get a feel for the course and understand the trainer's teaching style. Knowing their teaching style will prevent future personality clashes (the biggest complaint we receive)!

Ask lots of questions

Don't be afraid to contact the yoga trainer directly and ask any questions. The yoga training you choose is a significant decision, so you must have all the details to select a great course.

Reach out to past graduates

You can contact graduates of previous courses to find out their unfiltered thoughts on the course. It will also give you an excellent insight as to if the training prepared the teachers enough to get right to teaching upon graduation. 

On the Yoga Alliance Professionals site, most training schools will have past graduates listed on their listing, allowing you to gain an unbiased opinion.

Get matched to a quality course

You can get matched directly to a training course that meets your preferences! You can rest assured that the training courses matched to you meets a high standard as they are all accredited by Yoga Alliance Professionals. 

Best of luck to you, and hopefully, you'll be a yoga teacher trainee soon! 

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