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4 Reasons To Join A Mum & Baby Yoga Class

Having a baby is a life-changing event and can be quite challenging for new mums, especially in the first year. These challenges can include a lack of support, lack of sleep and experiencing anxiety.

Here are four ways that mum and baby yoga can help to support postnatal women.

Bring baby too

A Mum and baby yoga class typically includes singing or gentle movement for babies to keep them entertained. It's a lovely opportunity for mum to bond with their child, but it also saves finding a babysitter and worrying about feeding times!

Get support from the community

One of the biggest challenges a new mother may face is loneliness and no social support. Mum and baby yoga is an excellent chance to connect with other new mums. They can chat, share stories, and provide crucial support for one another.

Gently does it

Postnatal yoga is a slow reintroduction back into a regular yoga practice. These classes usually focus on the mind/core connections and the pelvic floor. They also include gentle exercises to strengthen the abdomen and release shoulder, neck and back tension.

Well-Deserved 'Me-Time'

Postnatal yoga differs from the playgroups and baby classes mothers may already attend. Mum and baby yoga permits new parents to focus on themselves. It allows Mum to pay attention to her breathing, focus on her body, and help her rediscover her old self again. 

Are you a new mum looking for other postnatal mothers to connect with? 

If you are near the Bodmin area, come to my Mum & Baby yoga classes! They take place on Wednesdays (during term time) from 11:30 am - 12:30 pm.

I can't wait to see you there. 

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